Upstate Uprising March - Binghamton, NY 9/12/2020

There was a powerful energy in Binghamton last night as hundreds of protesters marched from the corner of Walnut and Main through Downtown and back again.

Upstate Uprising, as the march was called, was created in solidarity with Rochester and DanielPrude and the ongoing brutality by our nation's police departments.

The event lasted over three hours, making several stops along the way, and included moving speeches by community organizers, trans people, and others who wished to share their stories.

There were a few instigators along the way, but the marshals did a great job of getting between them and the protesters.

People's Protection Plan Rally - Chenango County Courthouse, Norwich, NY 7/29/20

I've always been interested in politics. This has manifested itself in a number of ways, but one of my favorite ways to be involved is being a photojournalist. I think it's critical to document significant events to provide context to people who aren't able to attend. We all need to be informed.

Yesterday was the second of a series of five People's Protection Plan protests in the Southern Tier in response to the NYS Sheriffs' dangerous call for more power. These protests are being planned by Citizen Action Southern Tier, Binghamton Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow, Binghamton Just, and Truth Pharm, with today's being held in conjunction with Unite Chenango.

There were tense moments throughout as protestors clashed with All Lives Matter anti-protestors. At one point, the ALM activists called to fellow Blue Lives Matter activists across the street that they "could use their help over here." While there was some shoving, no one was physically injured, but signs were torn and objects thrown. During the more peaceful moments, people shared their thoughts and stories to an appreciative audience.

In these photos:

1. A sign taken from the ALM activists by a BLM activist.

2. Some of the ALM activists at the beginning of the event.

3. ALM activists in an argument with a black activist.

4. A BLM activist tearing up an All Lives Matter sign.

5. A BLM activist stomping on that sign.

6. ALM v BLM with a Libertarian referee.

7. ALM activist showing support for our president.

8. A group of Norwich youth with a Confederate flag face off with BLM activists.

9. Getting ready for battle with a shirt that says "BUILD THAT FUCKING WALL."

10. A rainbow near the end of the event after things had calmed down.

Juneteenth Celebration - Assata Shakur Park, Binghamton NY 6/19/20

Recreation Park Fire Aftermath - Binghamton, NY 6/1/20

This is sad, but I would like to take this moment to reiterate that the hours of protest I was involved in yesterday were 100% peaceful. Inevitably, some people will try to use this unfortunate event to condemn the whole movement, so it is crucial that we stand with our brothers and sisters and continue to fight for peace and justice.

George Floyd Black Lives Matter Protest - Binghamton, NY 5/31/20

Phenomenal turnout and great energy today. Nice to see the community come out and support the cause.

Women's March - Binghamton, NY 1/21/17